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High-Temperature Fabric Dyeing Machine
OH Series High Temperature Dyeing Machine
SVA High Temperature Rapid Dyeing Machine
SLC Dual-loop Loose Dyeing Machine
SLA High Temperature Dyeing Machine
SVS HT.HP Rapid Dyeing Machine
SLC(s) Medium-Batch Sample Dyeing Machine
SVT HTHP Rapid Dyeing Machine
SOQ HT Airflow Dyeing Machine
Normal Temperature Fabric Dyeing Machine
UH Normal Temperature Overflow Dyeing Machine
SGM38 Normal Temperature Overflow Dyeing Machine
Yarn Dyeing And Finishing Machinery
SS241H New Generation Dyeing Machine
SS241B Yarn Dyeing Machine
SS241B(S) Sample Dyeing Machine
SS241N Yarn Dyeing Machine
SS241A Yarn Dyeing Machine
SSH80 Hank Yarn Dyeing Machine
Infrared Lab Dyeing Machine
SY Series Hank Dyeing Machine
HS24 Lab Dyeing Machine
SYC Spray Hank Yarn Dyeing Machine
RCT-III Yarn Package Drying Machine
Package Yarn Hydroextractor
TZD Cheese Rounding Machine
Cone Yarn Unloading Machine
Soft / Hard Winding Machine
Spare Parts
Invertor Control Hydro Extractor
Inverter-controlled Hydro Extractor
Loose Fiber Hydro Extractor
Inverter Control Bobbin Hydro Extractor
Package Yarn Hydroextractor
Fabric Softening Machine
Fabric Softener Padder
Continuous Rope Washing Machine
Continuours Multi Rope Washing Machine
HT Jigger Dyeing Machine
HT Jigger Dyeing Machine
High Temperature Automatic Dye Jigger
Frequency Converted Rolling-Dyeing Machine
SGD Garment Dyeing Machine
Fabric Inspection Machines
HS-150A Tensionless Fabric Inspection Machine
Auto Edge Fabric Inspection Machine 505A
Knitted Fabric Tensionless Fabric Inspection Machine
Automatic Conveyer
Auto line Cloth cutting&untwisting scutching Machine
Tubular Fabric Slitting Inspection Machine 505C
Tubular Fabric Inspection Machine 505D
Vertical High Speed Cloth Cutting Machine
Cloth Cylinder Horizontal Cloth Cutting Machine
Continuous Dehydration Untwisting Slitting Machine
Knitting Swing Check Inspection Machine
Automatic Seam Fabric Inspection Machine
ITMA-ASIA SHANGHAI,October 21,20162015-09-11
Pressure sensor: Danfoss2013-09-28
Mechemical Seal: JohnCrane (UK)2013-09-28
One of Caps Lock-SS241B Machine2013-09-18
SMC Pressure Switch-Japan2013-09-27
H.T. 1200Kgs Main Pump 18.5KW2013-12-26
Inverter INOVANCE Made In China2013-12-08
One of project SS241H Yarn Dyeing.2013-09-17
One of project SS241H Yarn Dyeing2013-09-17
2000kg Standard Steel Carrier2013-09-18
OH-300-4-1200Kgs 1:42013-12-28
SS241B-3 Sample Dyeing M/c2013-09-30
2T low liquor ratio m/c pump2013-09-19
Yarn Dyeing Bangladesh2013-09-21
low liquor ratio 1000kg Carrier2013-09-22
SS241B Hank Yarn Carrier2013-09-22
low liquor ratio dyeing m/c 2T2013-12-23
low liquor ratio dyeing project2013-09-23
One of project/liquor ratio 1:3~3.52013-12-25
low liquor ratio dyeing m/c 1092kgs2013-12-24
DTG-2015 DHAKA2015-02-01
Exhibition -Vietnam April2015-03-25
AIRTAC Made In Taiwan2013-09-26
WN Motor-Top Brand in China2013-09-24
SS241B Package Dyeing m/c2013-09-24
SS241B dyeing m/c -16KG2013-09-25
High Quality Valve (Baodi)2013-09-26
Sparepart-2 SS241B Yarn Dyeing2013-09-27
Differential Pressure Transmitter2013-09-28
SS241B Yarn Dyeing m/c2013-09-29
16kg SS241B Yarn Dyeing m/c2013-09-30
One of project in China/OH series2013-12-27
OH 600KG woven fabrics2013-12-18
One of project 2011(Bangladesh)2013-12-24
Automatic welding equipment 12013-12-24
30kg dyeing m/c carrier2013-10-01
automatic 30kg yarn dyeing m/c2013-10-02
30kg yarn dyeing m/c2013-10-02
SS241B-50 SS Carrier+Caps Lock2013-10-03
OH-300-2 Dyeing M/c2013-12-24
OH-300-6 1500-1800KGs2013-12-23
PLC Setex2013-12-09
HT 300kg M.P 5.5KW2013-12-24
Yarn Dyeing Project (BD)2013-12-18
Woven Fabrics-OH Machine2013-12-18
High Quality Pressure Meter2013-09-27
semi-finished OH-600kg2013-12-23
XY Plaiting system OH m/c2013-12-24
Fabric Softening Padder2013-12-23
Electrical Components-22013-12-08
Electrical Components-12013-12-08
Liquor ratio 1:3(new generation)2013-10-10
Lab Dyeing M/C(1:3)2013-10-10
Controller SETEX 777,787,707,7672013-10-08
1000kg SS Carrier+Caps Lock2013-10-04
1000kg 110KW Yarn Dyeing M/C2013-10-05
XK-Q113 Fabric Softening M/c2013-12-23
Production Line 32013-12-24
Production Line 22013-12-24
OH-300-1 Hot water tank2013-12-24
SS241B 1000kg M/C-22013-10-06
Yarn Dyeing Carrier 1500kg2013-10-07
Yarn dyeing m/c workshop2013-10-08
6kg lab dyeing machine-12013-10-09
Controller SETEX 707 +PLC2013-12-09
Controller Setex 767CE+PLC2013-12-09
Mitshubishi Inverter2013-12-08
600-1000-1500kg shipment2013-12-23
SS241H New Generation Dyeing M/c2013-12-10
Yarn Dyeing Controller XYC90002013-12-09
Lab dyeing M/C Control Panel2013-11-11
Shipping Details 2012-22013-10-11
PT100 temperature sensor JUMO2013-09-28
HT Fabric Dyeing M/C 300KG2013-12-24
One of project-Normal Temperature2013-12-25
SS241B Yarn Dyeing Machine2013-12-12
welding 0022013-12-18
Exhibition Vietnam April,20142013-09-18
One of Customer in Dhaka2013-12-18
Semi-finished mcs in Sunsky-42013-12-19
Semi-finished mcs in Sunsky-32013-12-19
100% loading Capacity 250kgs2013-12-10
HT hank sampling dyeing M/C2013-12-09
Fabric Dyeing Controller EPC2013-12-11
Control Panel SETEX+PLC2013-12-24
One of projects in Zhejiang2013-12-22
Semi-finished mcs in Sunsky2013-12-19
Main Tank Automatic Welding2013-12-23
Yarn Dyeing Plant2013-12-09
SS241H New Generation 1000KG2013-12-16
One of projects in Jiangsu2013-12-26
OH Energy Save/BD Project2013-12-27
New-Energy Saving Overflow Dyeing Machine OH2013-09-21
11th Dhaka Int'l Textile&Garment Industry Exhibition2013-09-21
Jakarta INDO inter TEX 2014 April 23-26 20142013-09-21