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High-Temperature Fabric Dyeing Machine

SLC(s) Medium-Batch Sample Dyeing Machine

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◇Adopting new nozzle system and fabric spreading and straitening system, the machine effectively improves fabric quality and productivity, lowers liquor ratio, achieves environmental protection and energy saving, caters for the most demands of the current market.
◇Loading capacity: 1kg, 10kg, 30kg, 50kg, 100kg etc.


Key Technical Features

◇Low liquor ratio 1:6-7: decreases polluted water discharge,increases dyeing liquid cycling number, achieves evendyeing effect, saves dyestuff, agents, water, steam and electricity.
◇Excellent fabric spreading effect: loose, without creases,good dyeing effect.
◇More environmentally protecting: Low water consumption,low energy consumption, low discharge, low electricity consumption.


Typical Structure

◇Machine body and all parts in contact with dye liquid made from highly corrosion resistant stainless steel.
◇The stainless steel dyeing circulating pump provides optimized the dye liquor circulation.
◇Lifter reel driven by frequency invertor controlled motor
◇Service tank with feed pump and valve system.
◇Highly efficient heat exchanger.
◇Automatic water level monitor.
◇Filling and drain controlled by high quality valves.

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