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High-Temperature Fabric Dyeing Machine

SOQ HT Airflow Dyeing Machine

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◇The new age airflow dyeing machine works on the principle of the aerodynamic dyeing, i.e. dyeing by mixing the dyestuffs with airflow. When the fabric transport takes place by means of airflow, the fabric can run without liquor, thus consuming the minimal quantity of dye liquor. The airflow mixes with the dyestuffs and subsequently the liquor is atomized and evenly sprayed onto the surface of the fabric. This is to ensure a high penetration of the fabric and consequently achieve the excellent dyeing effect.


Extreme low and constant liquor ratio

◇Liqour ratio can be as low as 1:2 and 1:4 depending on the types of fabric.
◇Constant liquor ratio even with fabric loading from 50% to 100%.


Evenly dyeing

◇Smooth fabric running on teflon rods storage chamber with no entanglement.
◇Low tension of fabric by air suction suppot transportation.
◇Even distribution of dye liquor by means of air spray with new patented design nozzle.


Rinsing system

◇Fabric rinsing by using shower instead of conventional water bath, saves huge amount of water and shortens the rinsing time.


No crease mark

◇High fabric speed (up to 600m/min) and short circulation time.
◇High penetration by using the blend of airflow and dye liquor sprays onto the fabric surface, thus minimize the chance of crease mark.


Saving on energy and operation cost

◇Extremly low liquor ratio saves lot of dyestuff, chemical, water and energy, thus saving enormous operation cost.
◇New designed nozzle system can save tremendous energy with even better displacement of fabric.


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