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Yarn Dyeing And Finishing Machinery

Soft / Hard Winding Machine

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1. Wide range variety, Suit for Cotton ,Wool, Polyster, silk, DTY etc.

2. Optimized yarn road design.

3. Tension system is changed to active tension(with motor driving)

4. Bobbin adapter and air spring are more durable in use

5. Modified motor

Technical Parameters:

EPS-031 Soft Winder

Used for yarn soft winding before dyeing


Double-sides;12-120 spindles per machine

Power Supply

380V 50/60HZ Three phases 380V 50/60HZ


Every spindle driven by an AC motor individually

Consumed Power

75W/spindle at Max speed

Take-up Package


Drum Yarn Length

147mm Standard 147mm

Package Diameter

Max 250mm

Yarn Winding Speed


Electrical Anti-patterning Device

Control by the inverter

Tension Device

Every spindle has a yarn tension device

Length Counting Device

Control by PLC&length displayed by screen

Yarn Break Control Device

Stop automatically when the yarn breaks

Speed Regulation

By inverter, slow start

Anti-hard edge device

Mechanically, suit for soft winder

Blow Cleaner


12 Spindle Weigth/Size




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