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Yarn Dyeing And Finishing Machinery

SY Series Hank Dyeing Machine

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Main Features:
● It is suitable for dyeing, bleaching, refining cotton, wool, artifical wool, acrylic. It can use for both pretreatment and after treatment.
● The space between the hank spindles can be adjusted according to different length hanks.
● Adopting precision direction changing device, it can change the dye liquor direction automatically to keep level hanks.
● Compact designed circulating pump can adjust the running sped by multilevel gears according to different dyeing techniques.
● The two machines can be combined together in serious to avoid color difference.

Typical Sturcture:
● The machine body which bring into contact with dye liquor is made of high quality anti-corrosion stainless steel.
● Equipped with high efficiency stainless steel axial flow pump.
● Two sets of hank spindles.
● The dyeing liquor is even circulated.
● Stainless steel feeding pump(Y20 above).
● Mixing , feeding , refluxing , rinsing device of adding material barrel ( above 200).
● Safety sample taking device.

● Automatic, semi-automatic control.
● Full automatic control of the paint barrel.
● The main pump is controlled by frequency converter.
● Adding material barrel and feeding pump (below Y-20)
● Dosing system.
● Handcart and hank cabinet.

Tech Data
Max working temperature : 98℃.
Temperature rising rate: 20℃ to 98℃ 30minutes
           (according to the steamy pressure 6kg /cm2).
Temperature cooling rate: 98℃ to 80℃ 15 minutes
     (according to the cooling water pressure 3kg/cm2).


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