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High-Temperature Fabric Dyeing Machine

SVA High Temperature Rapid Dyeing Machine

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SVA High Temperature Rapid Dyeing Machine
Applicable Cloth Varieties:
Sprayed water flow with high pressure and flow rate up to 3KG/cm2 is useful for dyeing non-splitting and non-pilling cloth,like high count,new synthetic satin,tricot,suede cloth,peach-skin processing,Talon,Tsctel,Figured cloth,Bengaline,rib fabric,interlock fabric,poplin.fluting,crepe,mesh fabric,oxford cloth,taffeta,middy twill and curled edge cloth,woven with T 100%,T/C,CVC,T/R,N/C,N/T,N/R,R/T,CD/T/R and NC/TR,as well as union cloth interwoven and blended with various chemical fibers or long staple ,cut fibers,spraying in the proper range 0.5~1kg/cm2 can satisfy special operating requirements of resilient fabric and low-tension fabric.
Main Technical Features:
a),Extra large capacity:
1,Short investment recovery period.
2,Rduction of dyeing difference between throughs in batch production.
3,Increasing productive efficiency.
b),Flexible water flow produces smaller impact on surface of high-grade cloth to ensure cloth to be non-pilling and yarn to be non twisting.
c),Specially designed bending heads can meet the requirements of no dead corner,small tension and bath ratio.


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