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Yarn Dyeing And Finishing Machinery

Cone Yarn Unloading Machine

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 hydraulic gauze unloading machinery. which is one new kind of creel dyeing auxiliary equipment in manufacturing technology field. It can be operated by one or two person. and sends cheese gauze from creel to turnover cart automatically. WFX serial hydraulic gauze unloading machine is designed reasonable. cutting the number of the work group people to one or two person. Without adding any new worker. it can improve the cheese gauze unloading automation process. changing the working time from two or four hours to several minutes. alleviating the working strength increasing production efficiency. solving the problem of being short of workers.
Main Features
● High efficiency, easy to operate, high stability, easy to install
● Fewer working's needing ,fast gauze-unloading speed
● Fewer spare gauze loader, reduce the cost directly

Model SYX-2500

Capscity Lbs

Motor PowerKW


Weight KG





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