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Yarn Dyeing And Finishing Machinery

SS241A Yarn Dyeing Machine

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SS241A yarn dyeing machine designed for factory use with high temperature and high pressure. It can be applicable for cotton yarn, polyester yarn, wool yarn etc. Other forms samples such as sliver, lea yarn, bulk fiber, viscose, nylon zipper, ticking buckle tape also can be treated after change dyeing frame.


l         Internal type heat exchanger, with mixed-flow pump.

l         The main pump’s motor is controlled by transducer and the water volume can be adjusted steplessly to accord with the synchro dyeing requirement by technological curves;

l         Unique, stable and reliable reversing arrangement. When the liquid flow is changing its direction the main pump will not stop and this increases liquid’s circulation times to raise dyeing quality;

l         Advanced computer controller can display temperature curve, procedure and output, etc;

l         Low bath ratio(1:6), saving dyes, auxiliary agent, steam and water.

l         Dyeing vessel and parts in contact with dye liquid are all made of high quality stainless steel SS316L.

l         Control the liquid level is controlled by high-precision differential pressure transducer sensor;

l         Main vessel equipped with automatic pressure and pressure relief device.


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