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Yarn Dyeing And Finishing Machinery

HS24 Lab Dyeing Machine

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Dyeing Temperature Range:     20-140°C

Heating Rate:     0 -3.5 °C/min

Cooling Rate:        6°C/min

Heating Method: Electric Heating

Heating Medium: Glycerin

Temperature Controller: Program type or Microprocessor type

Dyepot Position:  12, 24, 4+16 (4*6000ml, 500ml*16)

Dyepot Size:  A    150ML    Height 14cm    Diameter 4.2cm

                       B   300ML    Height 11cm    Diameter 7.5cm

                       C    450ML    Height 14cm    Diameter 7.5cm

                       D    1200ML    Height 21cm    Diameter 9.3cm

                       E   6000ML    Height 39cm    Diameter 16cm

 Technical Data

Model                                HS12                             HS24                 HS4+16

Power Consumption           6kw                               10kw                   15kw

Rated Power                                                         380V

Volume of Heating Medium     50L                         65L                        80L

Machine Dimension(L*W*H)  84*69*130CM       96*78*130CM         96*78*130CM

Machine   Weight:  50kg /170kg /190kg

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