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Normal Temperature Fabric Dyeing Machine

SGM38 Normal Temperature Overflow Dyeing Machine

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SGM-38 Normal Temperature Overflow Dyeing Machine
◇As a new age environmental protection dyeing machine. it adopts the latest dual  vortex  nozzle  system  and environmental protection dyeing liquid circulation system,can conduct dyeing at quite a low liquor ratio of 1:6. Combining the latest science and manufacturing technology, it most caters for the challenge in the current market demands.
◇Loading capacity: 50kg, 100kg, 250kg, 500kg, 750kg, 1000kg, 1500kg, 2000kg etc.
Key Technical Features
◇Newest fabrics lifting system to avoid creases: Fabric lifting system consists of cloth lifting reel tank. With optimal design in the diagonal angle between cloth lifting reel and vortex nozzle, creases is reduced to minimum.
◇Excellent adaptability of vortex dual nozzle: The tension impact fabrics endures in movement is reduced to minimum, which avoids pilling and slanting of fabric while maintaining flexibility. It is suitable for dyeing of high/low density cloth.
◇Fabric plaiting  system: It enlarges capacity and decreases twisting.
◇Fabric and dyeing liquid separating and recycling system:saves energy and additives, shortens technology time and improves efficiency.
◇Liquor ratio: 1:6
◇Max. Fabric speed: 350m/min
◇Max. Capacity: 250kg/chamber
◇Max. Working temperature: 98℃
◇Heating rate: Average 5℃/min (saturated vapor pressure at 0.7MPA)
◇Cooling rate: 98℃ -85℃,Average2℃/min(cooling water at 25℃ 0.3MPA)

 Typical structure

◇Machine body and all parts in contact with dye liquor made of corrosion resistant stainless steel

◇Fabric storage unit is laid with high-strength teflon pipes.

◇Heavy duty stainless steel centrifugal pump with motor driven by frequency inverter.

◇Intinitely variable speed lifter feel driven by frequency inverter controlled motor with speed indicator

◇Service tank with feed pump, control valves and stirrer

◇Heat exchanger and replaceable filter

◇Multi-core control cable

◇Internal plaiting system

◇Spray rinsing system

◇Spare filter

◇Take off device

◇Service platform

◇Adjustable nozzle

◇Level indicator and controller

◇Pneumatic control valves for heating, cooling filling and drain.


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