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High-Temperature Fabric Dyeing Machine

SVT HTHP Rapid Dyeing Machine

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SVT High Temperature Rapid Dyeing Machine



◇Wide textile and dyeing processing adaptability: Smooth operation is conducted for light and heavy textile and the fabric running speed can be adjusted from 150-600m/min.
◇Low liquor ratio: Unique internal net design makes the liquor  ratio to 1:6-8.
◇Supper-low tension design: When the fabric is moved to the front internal fabric and water separator, water content is poor and the fabric weight is decreased. The fabric driving wheel lifts up the cloth with minimum distance from the dyeing channel, and it is operated with the nozzle system.This principle makes the cloth operated at high-speed with minimum tension.
◇Superior dyeing quality and processing style: With flowing of spraying dyeing liquid from high stroke pump and the detwisted of the dyed textile, the second collision points of rectifier and machine end play their functions to make the textile highly loosed and twisted. With the square cloth guide box and collision point of the machine end , the cloth is arranged orderly under high-speed operation with fewer machine stops.
◇Nozzle: Nozzle diameter and space are adjusted according to different textile and dyeing craft to reach the optimum effect.


Optional Accessories

 ◇Single-cylinder operation: for cylinders with two or more cylinders, one cylinder is in use and the other is not used to save steam and dyestuff to reduce cost.
◇Linked-cylinder operation: the two dyeing machine can be used together, dyeing one color or different colors at the same time.
◇Programmable full-automatic dosing system.
◇Central monitoring system.
◇Automatic flow control system.
◇Automatic cloth speed adjustment system.
◇Automatic seam detecting system.
◇Proportional temperature increasing device.
◇Secondary or tertiary water filling/drain device.
◇Fabric drawing out and arrangement device.


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